6S 23.4V 30000mah 10C Drone Battery High Density Solid-State Lithium Battery for UAV

Specification Thespecificparameters
Nominal voltage (V) 23.4V
Working voltage (v) 33~50.4V
Capacity (mAh) 30000mAh
Weight (kg, max)
Energy density( wh/kg ) 320
Maximum continuous charging current (A) 2CA
Maximum continuous discharge current (A) 5CA
Charging Operating Temperature (°C) 0~45
Discharge operating temperature (°C) -20~55
Cycle life (cycles@0.5C) 800

Super High Energy Density

Much Higher Safety than normal LlPO and Li lon

5 c grade for continuous discharging

Lifetime warranty

2C Quick charging capacity


Built with 100% fresh batteries

Engineering drawings are available upon request

Made of high-grade silicone sheath line. The wire gauge is determined by plug selection.We added connectors and jST-XH balance connectors


Battery Discharging Curve

Battery charge Curve

Battery Low Temperature Discharging Curve

55℃ High Temperature Discharging Performance

If you want to know more details for the Solid State Drone Batteries you can check for this:

For  loitering munition it will be the best choice:

Energy density: electric cruise missile needs to carry lightweight high energy density batteries to ensure that the aircraft has sufficient endurance and flight time.

Rapid charging ability: electric cruise missile needs to be able to complete charging in a short time so that it can quickly get ready for the next mission or flight.

High temperature resistance: as electric cruise missile may perform tasks in high temperature environment, batteries need to have good high temperature resistance characteristics to ensure that they still operate reliably in extreme conditions.

Lightweight design: in order to reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, batteries need to be designed lightweight while maintaining sufficient energy storage capacity.

High stability: batteries of electric cruise missile need to have good stability and safety to avoid accidents during flight.

These requirements are to ensure that electric cruise missile can fly for a long time, safely and complete the required tasks when performing tasks.

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We can also supply any connector and wire gauge you like for balance tap and main connector. The battery can also be used as a “smart battery” with a built-in BMS and a hard case. We can also supply batteries of any voltage or capacity you need, as they are assembled and ordered in the United States. Custom configurations are available upon request. Contact us via live help, email info@linkagepower.com or by phone/whatsapp at +86 15919976170 with your specific requirements.